Track Details

of Delhi on 05/02/2024

Inner Sand Track

Ustad Ji (B R Kumar) in 27s. Moved fluetly.
Ashwa Tokyo (N S Rathore) in 29s. Easy.
Currency (Arjun) in 28s. Easy.
Ashwa Kohima (Rb) in 27s. Fit.
Ashwa Sabira (Rb) in 28s.
Ashwa Kanika (Rb) in 30s. Freely.
Jet Sukhoi (Parvesh) in 31s. Freely.
Ronaldo (Rb) in 31s. Freely.
Intense Approach (Muzamil) in 30s. Freely.
Successful (Abdul Fazal) in 30s. Easy.
Chain Of Thoughts (Praveen Kr) in 30s. Freely.
Gold Grey (Yusuf) in 29s. Easy.
Master Causeway (N S Rathore) in 27s. Fit.
Gama Wave (Jai Parkash) in 28s. Easy.
Cash In Hand (Jai Parkash) in 30s. Easy.
Ashwa Shule (Rb) in 29s. Freely.
Cashier (Faizan Khan) in 27s. Fit.
Anglia (Arjun) in 28s. Very easy.
Foveal Vision (Dilip Singh) in 30s. Freely.
Sunlight (Rb) in 31s. Freely.

Ashwa Mariya (M B Qureshi) &
Conquering Bid (N S Rathore) in 31s. Pair easy.