Track Details

of Delhi on 04/02/2024

Inner Sand Track 

Toronero (Parvesh) in 31s. Freely.
Bhujang (Irfan) in 31s. Freely.
Intense Approach (Muzamil) in  27s. Moved fluently.
Naval Wrestler (Rb) in 30s. Freely.
Dominant (Rb) in  27s. Moved well. 
Bonita (Rb) in 27s. Moved well. 
Flower Power (Rb) in  30s. Freely.

Golden Sun (Sunny) and 
Lodge Keeper (Dhanu) in 28s. Pair level.Both were easy.

3yrs My Darling Bobby (B R Kumar) and 
More Bucks (Kundan) in 27s. The former was easily 5 lengths ahead.