Track Details

of Delhi on 25/11/2023

Inner Sand Track 

Mm Ster Stepper (Riazuddin) in 13s. Worked attractively. 
Angel In my heart (Dhanu) in 14s. Moved smoothly.
Dominant (Angad) in 14s. Freely.
Stride away (Arjun) in 13s. Shaped nicely.
Cashier (Jai) in 14s. Moved smoothly.
Personal (Akash) in 15s. Freely.
Ashwa Sigma (K Narender) in 14s. Moved smoothly.
Master Tornado (Riazuddin) in 15s. Moved smoothly.
Estrella star (Faizaan) in 14s. Fit.
Kings Cezy (Rb) in 14s. Fully in hands
Shwetamber (Aman )13s. Shaped nicely.
Lemon Pie (Arjun )13s. Fit.
Miss Madelyn (R Saini) in 13s. Worked attractively. 
Tesoro( Abdul) in 14s. Moved smoothly.
Eyes on the prize (Ranjeet) in 15s. Moved smoothly.
Nizbati warrior (Riazuddin) in 13s. Shaped nicely.
Domitia. (Faizan) in 13s. Extended
Currency (Angad) in 13s. Fit.

Laila (Shivam) in 
Jaat hero (B R Kumar) 14s. The former was 1 length ahead. 

Mister Ed (Ankit) &
Cuncho (B R Kumar) in 14s. Pair level. Both moved smoothly.

Lady of the light (Rb) &
Divit (Abdul) in13s. Pair level. Bothr moved nicely.

Franco (Aman) in 27s. Worked attractively. 
Salam Bhai (sarwan) in 27s. Excelled
Samay Balwan (Varun) in 27s. Worked attractively. 
Manali (Br Kumar) in 27s. Worked attractively.
Ashwa Pushkin (Abdul) in 28s. Moved smoothly.
Lodgekeeper (Lalkar) in 30s. Freely.
Scotchy (Rb) in 30s. Moved smoothly.
Ashwa shine (Rb) in 31s. Freely.
Shamshera (Kundan) in 30s. Moved smoothly.
Golden Sun (Arjun) in 28s. Moved smoothly.

Sincerely yours (Lalkar) &
Tantalising Star(Rb) in 27s. The former was easily 1 length ahead. 

Snow shower (Ankit) &
Ashwa Maithili (Abdul ) in 29s. The former was 8 ls ahead. 

3yro Ex Almarada (Arjun) &
Akshayguna (Rb) in 27s. The former was a length ahead. 

2yro Basem-Jetway (Lalkar) in
2yro Accolade-Celestial Dancer(Rb) in 28s. Pair level. Both were easy.