Track Details

of Delhi on 14/11/2023

Inner Sand Track

Ashwa Bravo (M B Qureshi) in 27s. Worked attractively.  
Carlos (Sandeep) and Beejay (Sunny) in 27s. Worked attractively.  

3yrs Ex Orada (Kundan) and 
3yr sex Almarada (Dhaju) in 29s. Pair level. Both moved smoothly.

2yrs Ashwa Nirja (M B Qureshi) and 
Beshiktash (Abdul) in 27s. The former was 2 lenghs ahead. 

Sleeko (Dhanu Singh Deora) in 28s. Freely.

2yrs Basem-Isola Bella (Kundan) and 
2yrs Mull of Kintyre-Serrafina (Dhanu Singh Deora) in 29s.  Pair level. Both moved freely.

Black Hill (Rb) and 
Rose On The Planet (Dhanu Singh Deora) in 29s. Pair level. Both moved smoothly.

Mock race 

Royal baby (Yusuf) and 
Ashwa Shule (G S Shekhawat) in 1-9s.The former was a distance ahead.