Track Details

of Delhi on 13/11/2023

Inner Sand Track

Osibisa (Mohan) in 14s. Moved on the bit.
Divya Shakti (Irfan) in 13s.  Worked attractively.
Party Dreams (Rb) in 15s. Moved freely.
More Bucks (Rb) in 15s. Moved freely.
Sotchy (Riazuddin) in 15s. Easy. 
Secret Pilgrim (Rb) in 14s. Was handy.
Burning Desire (jai) in 15s. Easy.    
Halcyon (Arjun) in 13s.  Worked attractively.   
She's A Beauty (Ankit) in 15s. Easy. 
Gunpoint (Mohan) in 14s. Moved on the bit.
Moriseiki (Shivam) in 14s. Easy.