Track Details

of Calcutta on 10/11/2023

Outer Sand Track

Toussaint (Rb) in 31s. Freely.    
Pygros (Rupal Singh) in 33s. Eased up.
Dance Along (Rb) in 30s. Freely.                
Malwa (Rupal Singh) in 32s. Eased up.    
Siege Perilious (Afzal Khan) in 35s. Eased up.
Galacticus (P Tejeshwar) in 35s. Easy.    
Dr Doom (Rb) in 33s. Easy.    

2yrs Western Aristrocrat - Nicheal chrome (P Tejeshwar),
Aeropali (Rb) &
Nomitsi (Rb) in 33s. They were separated by 2 ls and 3 lengths.     

Impermanance (Rb) in 46s; (400m) 29s. Moved smoothly.    
Jamaica (Rb) in 48s; (400m) 31s. Freely.    
Magnite (Rb) in 48.5s; (400m) 30s. Moved on the bit.    

Redoubtable (Arman Khan) in 1-1s; (600m) 46s; (400m) 28s. Moved nicely.    
Elite (Rb) in 1-2s; (600m) 46s; (400m) 29s. Freely.    
Swift (Rb) in 57s; (600m) 43.5s; (400m) 27s. Worked attractively.

Inner Sand Track

2yrs Tenth Star - Alameda (Taussef) in 33s. Easy.                
Lucretias (Rb) in 28s. Moved fluently.    
With The Moonlight (P Tejeshwar) in 32s. Unextended.    
Orormelo (Rb) in 30s. Freely.    
Swift Lady (Rb) in 30s. Freely.    

Devine Chakra (Rb) in 44s; (400m) 28s. Moved fluently.    
Chetak (Rb) in 45s; (400m) 29s. Moved smoothly.    
Lightning Charlie (Rb) in 44s; (400m) 28s. Shaped well.    
2yrs Roderic O Connor - Abaq (Rb) in 42s; (400m) 27s. Moved smoothly.    

Mock Race

Awesome One (Yash Narredu),
White Rose (Shrikant Kamble),
Twenty Six Black (S Saqlain),
Cape Tananros (RB),
Eastern Sea (Md.Akram),
Perfect Gentleman (Nikhil Naidu),
Big Brown (V Jaiswal),
Eleos (Afzal Khan) &
Nord (Sujit Paswan) in Won by: 1-15.65s. 3/4, 8-1/4 , 5-1/4, 3/4, 1-1/4, 3, 5-1/4.