Track Details

of Delhi on 09/11/2023

Inner Sand Track

Knott So KNotty (MB qureshi) in 15s. Moved on the bit.
Jacob (Deepak) in 14s. Moved freely.
Shera (Prasad) in 13s. Moved nicely.
Cashier (Rb) in 14s. Moved freely.
Racing Boy (R saini) in 15s. Moved on the bit.
Victorious KIng (Shekhawat) in 14s. Moved freely.
Dominant (RB) in 15s. Moved freely.
Lightning Speed (R Saini) in 13s. Pushed.
Flamingo Fame (Dhanu) in 14s. Moved on the bit.
Daring Diva (Aman) in 14s. Moved freely.
Bob Champ (Prasad) in 15s. Moved freely.
Salam Bhai (Muzamil) in 14s. Urged.
Sir Ramon (K narender) in 15s. Moved on the bit.
Miss Madelyn (R saini) in 14s. Moved freely.
Eyes On The Prize (Akash) in 13s. Moved nicely.
Shershah  (Akash) in 15s. Moved on the bit.

Tommorrws Dreams  (Parvesh) & 
Dus Numbery  (Praveen) in 13s. Pair level. Both pushed.

Qatari Prince (Sarvan) & 
Mafia Time  (Muzamil) in 14s. Both Moved freely.