Track Details

of Delhi on 06/11/2023

Inner Sand Track

Master Cowboy (N S Rathore) in 31s. Very easy. 
Ginsburg (Abdul) in 15s. Moved freely.
400m: Bhujang (Irfan) in 30s. Moved freely.
Master Stotue (N S Rathore) in 29s. Moved freely.
Texas Gun (akash) in 15s. Moved freely.
Lightning Speed (R saini) in 14s. Urged.
Bread N Butter (irfan) in 15s. Moved freely.
The Cheetah (Abdul) in 15s. Moved freely.
Osibisa (Mohan) in 14s. Moved nicely.
Shes A Beauty (Sarvan) in 13s. Urged.
Miss Madelyn (R saini) in 15s. Moved freely.

3yrs Ex Eye of the Storm (Rb) & 
3yrs Ex Simona (R Prvesh) in 14s. Pair level. Both urged.

2yrs Varenar-Ashwa manjari (M B Qureshi) & 
Ashwa Raudee (Shekhawat) in 29s. Pair level. Both moved nicely.

Attenbourough (Shekhawat) & 
Peaceful (Akash) in 13s. The former was easily 1 length ahead.