Track Details

of Delhi on 05/11/2023

Inner Sand Track 

Shwetamber  (Aman) in  13s. Moved well.
Super Speed (Rb) in  13s. Moved well.
Master Stoute (N S Rathore) in  13s. Moved well.
Burning Desire (Jai) in 13s. Moved well.
Lucky Lips (Dhanu) in 14s. Freely.
Heer (B R kumar) in 14s. Moved on the bit.
Captain Falcon (Sunny) in 14s. Freely.
Eastern Crown (Irfan) in 14s. Moved on the bit.
Bob Champ (Prasad) in 14s. Freely.
Rinku Romeo (Faizan) in 15s. Freely.

Dhatoora (Varun) &
Meridia (Parvesh) in 13s. The former was 8 lengths ahead.

Carlos (Sunny) &
Beejay (Sandeeop) in  14s. The former was 2 lengths ahead.

2yro Basem-Isola Bella (Dhanu) &
2yro Stardan-Daytona (Lalkar) in 14s. Pair level Both were handy.

3yro Ex Eye of the Storm (Naresh) &
3yro Ex Simona (Rb) in 13s. s. Pair level Both moved well.