Track Details

of Delhi on 04/11/2023

Inner Sand Track

Cuncho (Rb) in 13s. Moved well.
Shwa Sirohi  (M B Qureshi) in 13s. Freely.
Lightning speed (R Saini) in 14s. Easy.
The Cheetah (Abdul) in 13s. Freely.
Master Stepper (N S Rathore) in 13s. Moved well.
Gunpoint  (Rb) in 14s. Moved  well.
Daring Diva  (Aman) in  in 13s. Moved well.
Estrella Star (Jai) in 14s. Freely.
Ashwa Samira  (M B Qureshi) in 13s. Moved well.

Mr Christopher  (Shivam) &
Miss Irina  (Rb) in 14s. The former was a length ahead.

Eastern Crown (Irfan) in 27s. Moved well.
Tyto Alba (Rb) in 28s. Freely.
Miss Scarlett (Rb) in 30s. Freely.
Mafia Time (Sarvan) in 27s. Moved well.
Immortal Guest (Rb) in 28s. Freely.
Laila  (B R kumar) in 28s. Freely.
Shwetamber (Aman) in 30s. Easy.
Juggad (Irfan) in 31s. Easy.
Bonita (Aman) in 27s. Moved well.
Bhujang  (Irfan) in 31s. Easy.
Samay Balwan (Rb) in 27s. Moved well.
Cressida  (Lalkar) in 31s. Freely.
Lodgekeeper (Kundan) in 31s. Easy.