Track Details

of Delhi on 01/11/2023

Inner Sand Track

Beshiktash (M B Qureshi) in 28s. Moved on the bit.
Ashaw Samira (M B Qureshi) in 27s. Moved well.

Ashwa Sirohi (M B Qureshi) &
Ashaw Figaro (Abdul) in 27s. Pair level.  Both worked well.

The Cheetah (Dilip) &
Ashwa Tenjing (K narender) in 27s. The former was easily 2 lengths ahead. 

Asharfi (Aman), 
Meridia (K narender) &
Dhatoora (Naresh) in 27s. They were separated by 2 lengths & distance.

Farrell (K narender), 
Tommorrow Dreams (Aman) & 
Caesar's Palace (Naresh) in 28s. They were almost level

Mock race 

Anglia (Vivek), 
Black Hill (Dhanu), 
Ustadji  (Jai), 
Princess Elena  (Shekhawat), 
Ashwa Binaca (M B Qureshi), 
2yro Palash (Faizaan) &
Queen of South (R saini) in 1-7.55s. Won by: 6, 3-3/4, 13-1/2, 2-1/2, Dist.