Track Details

of Hyderabad on 06/11/2023

Sand Track

Splendour On Grass (Rb) in 1-3.5s; (600m) 47s. Moved Well.
Stunning Force (Mohit Singh) in 1-4s; (600m) 48s. Moved easy.
Kenna (Kuldeep Singh) in 1-3s; (600m) 47s. Easy.  
Excellent Art- Chase The Sun (Rb) in 1-3s; (600m) 47s. Easy. 
Protocol (Rohit Kumar) in 1-2.5s; (600m) 47.5s. Easy. 
NRI Superpower (Rb) in 1-3.5s; (600m) 48s. Easy. 
Hero Of The East (Rb) in 1-3s; (600m) 47s. Easy. 
Flying Fury (Rohit Kumar) and
Net Whizz-Matilda (Md Ismail) in 1-3s; (600m) 46s.  Moved Together.  
Reining Queen (Rb) and
(Sedgefield/Evening Tale) in 1-3s; (600m) 48s. They were level. 
Arba Wahed Arba (Afroz Khan) in 1-18s; (800m) 1-2s; (600m) 46s. Moved Well. 
Precious (Abhay Singh) in 1-14s; (800m) 58s; (600m) 44s. Pleased. 
Miss Maya (Abhay Singh) in 1-13s; (800m) 58s; (600m) 44s. Impressed. 
She Can (Abhay Singh) in 1-12s; (800m) 57s; (600m) 43s. Very fit. 
Sopranos (Madhu Babu) in 1-14s; (800m) 59s; (600m) 44s. Moved well. 
Sea Of Class (Kuldeep Singh) in 1-18s; (800m) 1-2s; (600m) 47s. Easy. 
Ashwa Gajraj (Rb) and
Nightmare (Rb ) in 1-15s; (800m) 1-0s; (600m) 45s. The former was far better. 
NRI Legend (Rohit Kumar) and
NRI Alisha (Rb) in 1-18s; (800m) 1-1s; (600m) 46s. The former was far better.