Track Details

of Delhi on 16/11/2023

Inner Sand Track

Lightning Speed (Aman) in 14s. Freely.
2Yrs Stardan-Chitrita (Lalkar) in 15s. Freely.
Osibisa (Rb) in 15s. Moved smoothly.
Akshayguna (Dhanu Singh Deora) in 13s. An excellent display.
Littlemore (Rb) in 15s. Freely.
Sir Mor (Dilip) in 14s. Worked attractively.  
Jet Space (Parvesh) in 15s. Freely.
Party Dreams (B R Kumar) in 14s. Moved smoothly.
Miss Scarlett (B R Kumar) in 15s. Freely.
Lemon Pie (Arjun) in  15s. Moved smoothly.
Salam Bhai (Sarvan) in 15s. Freely.

Zillie (Rb) and 
Kitten's angle (Rb) in 14s. Pair level. Both moved smoothly.

2yrs Accolade-Celestial Dancer (Rb) and 
2yrs Basem-Jetway (Dhanu Singh Deora) in 15s. Pair level. Both were easy.

2yrs Ashwa Beera (M B Qureshi) and 
Ashwa Rozara (Rb) in 14s. Pair level. Both moved smoothly.