Track Details

of Hyderabad on 23/10/2023

Sand Track

Doe A Deer (Mohit S) in 1-17s; (800m) 1-2s; (600m) 46s. Moved well.

Abab E Shahi (Abhay S) in 1-16s; (800m) 1-0s; (600m) 46s. Fit. 
Shadow Fax (Rb) in 1-18s; (800m) 1-2s; (600m) 46s. Fit. 
Kenna (Kuldeep S) in 1-18s; (800m) 1-2s; (600m) 47s. Moved well. 
Juramento (Mohit S) in 1-18s; (800m) 1-3s; (600m) 47s. Easy. 

Santa Barbara (Mohit S) and    
Concord Point (Rb) in 1-7s; (800m) 1-2s; (600m) 47s. They were level.