Track Details

of Pune on 13/10/2023

Inner Sand Track

Monarchy (Rb) in 55s; (600m) 41s. Urged.    
The Flutist (T S Jodha) in 57s; (600m) 42s. Freely.

Rodri (K Nazil) &
Definitely (Sharukh) in 53s; (600m) 40s. The former was easily 5 lengths ahead. 

Gate practice

Judy Blue Eyes (Zeeshan) &
Cascade (T S Jodha) in 1-3s; (800m) 50s; (600m) 39s. The former was 3 ls better. Both jumped out well.     

ConnexIon (S J Sunil) &
2yrs Fiero-Findlerhof (Gore) in 1-10s; (800m) 55s; (600m) 41s. They were level. Both jumped out well.