Track Details

of Chennai on 06/12/2022

Outer Sand    

Immortal Love (Mudasar) in 44.5s. Easy.
Super King (M. Bhaskar) in 46s. Easy.
Star Fling (S. Kabdhar) &
Rwanda (Manikandan)in 41.5s. Pair level. Both are fit.    

Chaitanya(Rb) in 57s, (600m) 41s. Worked well.
Fiery Red (S. Kamble) in 56s, (600m) 38s. Worked well.
Wellington (P.S. Kaviraj) in 58s, (600m) 40s. Worked well.
Little Wonder (Rb) in 54s, (600m) 38.5s. Good.        

2yrs Eternal Pearl (S. Kabdhar) &
2yrs Brilliant Way (M. Bhaskar) in 1-2s, (600m) 43s. The former was started 2 lengths behind and easily finished 2 lengths ahead.    

Augusta (P. Saikumar) &
Royal Baron (S.A. Amit) in 55s, (600m) 40s. Pair level. Both moved well.    

Mr Kool (A.M. Alam) &
Lakshanam (P. Saikumar) in 52s, (600m) 37s. Pair level. Both are fit.    

2yrs Asio (M. Bhaskar) &
Great Spirit (S. Kabdhar) in 1-3s, (600m) 45s. Pair level. Both moved well.    

Hope And Glory (Rb) in 1-3s, (800m) 50s, (600m) 36.5s. Pleased.        
My Opinion (Manikanda) in 1-3s, (800m) 52s, (600m) 37s. Good.
Succession (Mudasar) in 1-7s, (800m) 50.5s, (600m) 35s. Note.
Preakness (M. Bhaskar) in 1-5s, (800m) 51s, (600m) 36s. Fit.

Authentic Bell (A.M. Alam) &
Happiness (P. Saikumar) in 1-14.5s, (800m) 59s, (600m) 42.5s. Pair level. Both moved well.    

Inner Sand    

Dark Son (Ramandeep) in 41s. Moved well.
Magical Wish (Rb) in 41s. Moved Easy.
Fast Play (Ayaz Ahmed) in 42s. Moved on the bit.
Sir Buffert (Rb) in 43s. Speedy.
Majestic Charmer (Farid Ansari) in 46s. Easy.

Amorone (Rb) in 58s, (600m) 44.5s.  Moved well.
Abilitaire (Rb) in 52s, (600m) 40s. Moved Easy.
Wonderful Era (Farid Ansari) in 55s, (600m) 41.5s. Moved well.
Walking Brave (Mudasar) in 58s, (600m) 44s. Easy.        

Mystic Zlatan (S. Kamble) & 
Wilbur (Rb) in 55s, (600m) 41s. The former was easily 4 lengths ahead.    

Albinus (Farhan Alam) in 1-15s, (800m) 1-0s, (600m) 44s.  Moved well.        
Raisina (M.S. Deora) in 1-8s, (800m) 52.5s, (600m) 40s. Moved well.
Ignition (Indrajeet) in 1-12s, (800m) 55.5s, (600m) 42s. Handy.
Trump Baby (Rb) in 1-12.5s, (800m) 59s, (600m) 46s. Eased up

Golden Kingdom (S. Kamble) &
Ibrahmovic (P.S. Kaviraj)in 1-11.5s, (800m) 57s, (600m) 43.5s. Pair level. Both worked well.